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Multisserie with Disposable Waste Bags and Condenser

Product Description:

Both ingenious and creative, the Multisserie is a revolution in visual cooking and merchandising. It prepares delicious meat up to 50% faster than conventional ovens and rotisseries. By automatically correcting alterations in the cooking cycle, Cook Correction ensures food safety and consistent product quality. The fully automatic cleaning system saves time, effort and labour costs.

Multisserie disposable waste bags and condenser

The is a revolution in visual cooking and merchandising. Designed to give extra prominence to your products, the Multisserie allows your customers a 270-degree view of the cooking theatre.

The Multisserie is equipped with an internal condenser. The condenser transforms steam into drain water during the cooking cycle. Moreover it loses steam at the end of the cycle. This provides maximum safety as no steam will escape from the Multisserie when your operator opens the door.

With the fully automatic cleaning system, cleaning can be done overnight without operator intervention. The Multisserie with grease collector comes with an integrated system that collects grease and other liquid waste in disposable bags during the cook cycle.

Product Features

  • 12 chicken racks for up to 60 chickens (1,2 kg)
  • Internal condenser - no expensive central extraction system needed, Multisserie can be positioned anywhere in your store
  • Supplied on stand
  • Collection of grease and other liquid waste in disposable bags
  • Fully automatic cleaning system with detergent rinse aid dispenser
  • Intelligent controls - easy, consistent operation
  • Cook Correction detects and corrects abnormalities during the cook cycle
  • Also available with cooking probe
  • Endless possibilities: poultry (parts), pork roast, ribs, lamb, roast beef, pork belly, meat loaf, porchetta and other proteins

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