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Programmable Rotisseries

TDR 8 Programmable

Product Description:

The Turbo Deli Rotisserie is the fastest original rotisserie in the industry! The double-loop airflow heats the entire cavity in a very efficient way, preparing your products up to 30% faster than conventional rotisseries. The TDR uses fresh air, cooking a rotisserie chicken as it is meant to be: crispy and delicious while maintaining an attractive appearance for hours.

TDR 8 Programmable

Rotisserie with 8 meat fork, V-spit, basket or rack positions and a rotor for up to 40 chickens. If desired the TDR 8 can be placed on a stand.

The TDR pushes the air throughout the cavity, resulting in an improved heat transfer on the products and consequently in a reduced electricity consumption during the preparation process.

Thanks to Eco Cooking the TDR saves 5% additional energy. Add to this the improved heat transfer on the products and a fast preparation process and you have yourself the most energy-efficient rotisserie with a high output.

Cook Correction & ECO cooking

Cook Correction corrects alterations in the cooking cycle that are due to half-loads, overloads, or products with a difference in temperature. It measures abnormalities in the temperature curve and corrects the cycle automatically. This controls food safety and delivers consistent product quality. Moreover, it saves on energy consumption.

Thanks to Eco Cooking, the programmable TDR saves an additional 5% on energy by using residual heat during the last part of the cook cycle.

Product Features

  • Controls with programmable settings - easy, consistent operation
  • Cook Correction detects and corrects abnormalities during the cook cycle
  • Eco Cooking uses residual heat during the last part of the cook cycle
  • 8 Meat fork, V-spit, basket or rack positions
  • Rotor for up to 20 chickens (1,2 kg)
  • 99 programs with up to 3 cook stages per program
  • USB connection for easy transfer of data and programs
  • Optional Ventless hood

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